Become part of OUR Shir Shalom community.

Together we can do much. As a community, we hope that you and your family will regularly attend services and participate in the many programs offered by Shir Shalom.

They are multiple programs you might find interests in. You may also want to get involved by volunteering your time and talents.

Enriched synagogue life depends on volunteers like you. In addition to feeling good about making a positive impact in our community, you will make new friends and feel more connected to our Shir Shalom as a whole.

We encourage all our congregants to join a committee on a short-term or ongoing basis to help our Shir Shalom be a special place for all. Please consider offering your ideas, talents and enthusiasm to one of the following committees by contacting them below.


Click on the hand icon to open and see a brief description of the mission of each of our committees.