We hope you will consider making our Shir Shalom your next spiritual, educational, and social home. Our congregants are from many towns in Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield counties, and across a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and interests. Together we form the vibrant community that we call our Shir Shalom.

Congregation Shir Shalom offers many ways for you to feel part of our congregational family, including Shabbat and holiday services and programs, Religious School for kindergartners through high school, youth groups for teens, social activities with our Sisterhood and Brotherhood, Adult Learning, our Early Childhood Program, Social Action and much more.

Please feel free to connect with our Rabbis or School Directors, come to services, and especially… Come visit! We want your first experience with us to have a personal touch, so please reach out to us at office@OurShirShalom.org and congregantscommittee@OurShirShalom.org so we can anticipate your interests and needs.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Shir Shalom Family soon.

Please download our INFORMATION PACKET, including congregant application.


2020 Annual Community Commitment Information Summary for Those Joining in 2020

(January to December calendar year; prorated if joining after January; certain minimums apply)

Annual Base Community Commitment

Two Adult Family*: unmarried/dependent children included if residing at home or college and under age26 $3030

Two Adult Senior: both adults are 65 or older $1680

One Adult Family: only one adult in household, unmarried/dependent children included if residing at home
or college and under age 26 $1580

One Adult Senior: Adult is 65 or older $ 900

Out of Area: Congregants living 100 miles or more from Shir Shalom (does not include HH tickets) $ 290

Out of Area Sustaining: Congregants living 100 miles or more from Shir Shalom (includes up to 2 HH tickets) $ 900

Annual Fees and Assessments

Building: Two Adult Family and Two Adult Senior $210

Building: One Adult Family and One Adult Senior $105

Security $175

Capital Commitment: Two Adult Family $500 in years 3-7

Capital Commitment: One Adult Family $250 in years 3-7

Incremental Community Commitment: For those who are financially able, we ask congregants to consider making an additional financial commitment to helps us fulfill our mission to be a vibrant and inclusive community inspired by Jewish values and traditions. More information is available upon request or application.

If you have questions, please reach out to our Congregant’s Committee. Info@ourshirshalom.org

Payments may be made in full or in monthly credit/debit card installments through December using our “auto-pay” plan.

A confidential assistance program is available for those with financial need. Please contact our office for more information. Call 203-438-6589, or e-mail our Controller at Lori@ourshirshalom.org or shirshalomsa@gmail.com.

*Two-adult families are those consisting of two adults who are spouses or domestic partners, or are sharing the same household. Each adult is a congregant, and a non-Jewish adult within a unit is a congregant for all purposes. All two-adult families are subject to the two-adult rate, regardless of level of participation of both adults.