Completed forms may be e-mailed to If paying by credit/debit card, you can see your card on file, or add a new card, by clicking My Account above and logging in. You will then only need to supply abbreviated card information on your Payment Form.
If payment by credit/debit card and you prefer instead to supply full card info by hard copy, we recommend (for security reasons) that you use postal mail, rather than email, to submit your forms.


(Please click to download forms. Next, either type in your information then print, or print and fill in by hand. Sign where applicable, then return forms to Lori Stalowicz. If paying by check, please mail check to Lori’s attention)

  1. 2020-21 Religious School Program Schedule
  2. 2020-21 Tuition Payment Form
  3. 2020-21 Individual Student Registration Form
  4. Religious School Policy Handbook
  5. 2020-21 Religious School Medical Form